Data Management

Advanced Offshore Operations (AOO) provides data management services for your glider applications.

Scientists are revolutionizing how we observe our ocean as we deploy more gliders. Gliders collect information by profiling the water from the surface to deep water, at lower cost. The data collected by gliders creates a more complete picture of what is happening in the ocean, especially below the surface. As more data is collected, it is critical that the international scientific community agrees on a convenient format that is both recognized and utilized globally.

Dr. Dan Hayes is an active member of the Everyone’s Gliding Observatories (EGO) and Underwater Glider User Group (UG2). At the most recent 8th EGO Meeting and International Glider Workshop at Rutgers University in New Jersey, Dr. Hayes led the Data Management discussion to ensure a coherent global glider data management strategy that upholds FAIR data principles.

“FAIR” Data Principles:
Findability, Accessibility, Interoperability, and Reusability

In particular, the number one priority of the Data Management group is the global harmonization of formats towards a single OceanGliders data format. In addition, other important long-term steps toward formalized quality control include:

  • compliant metadata requirements,
  • diffusion &
  • open access of glider data.

As an active contributor ensuring global coordination, AOO is at the cutting edge of glider data management. AOO can safely and efficiently manage your glider data. Reach out today.