Repair & Maintenance

To get your glider back in the water, Advanced Offshore Operations (AOO) reduces turnaround time to redeploy your glider in days, not months.

We save you significant time, effort and money normally spent on shipping.

AOO is experienced in remote, on-site Seagliderâ„¢ repairs and maintenance. Our on-site customer support has the capacity to perform full vehicle refurbishment and testing services, repairs and ballasting.

Our range of services include:

  • detailed system inspection
  • system repairs
  • firmware upgrades
  • compass calibrations
  • maintenance of electronics and hardware
  • replacement of primary and secondary lithium batteries
  • ballasting the vehicle and obtaining a fully updated trim-sheet and initial parameters for piloting
  • full system testing and evaluation of results to prepare the Seagliderâ„¢ for deployment