Sensor & System Integration

Advanced Offshore Operations (AOO) has integrated novel sensors onto gliders. AOO engineered near-real-time feedback functionality in addition to onboard data storage.

DeepEcho Module

DeepEcho Echosounder and Transducer

The DeepEcho Module is the first scientific wide-band echosounder – deployable to a depth of 1000 meters – successfully integrated onto an ocean glider.

AOO redesigned the compact version of SIMRAD EK80 wideband transceiver (WBT) echosounder in order to fit into the payload bay of an M1 Seaglider. As a result, the reconfigured WBT electronics fit into a cylindrical aluminium pressure housing. Our design includes a 333 kHz single-beam transducer.

Underwater Vision Profiler 6 (Octopus Camera)

The Hydroptic Underwater Vision Profiler (UVP), also known as an Octopus Camera, was designed by the CNRS-Sorbonne University at LOV (France). It is designed to study large (>80µm) particles and zooplankton (>700µm) simultaneously and to quantify them in a known volume of water. The UVP system makes use of computerized optical technology with custom lighting to acquire digital images down to 6000m.

AOO has integrated and tested the UVP6-LP on a Seaglider™. The system is capable of onboard processing and sending statistics to the basetstation about particles detected during the last dive.

gListen Board

gListen Board

The gListen Board is an Ethernet to RS-232 converter with voltage regulation and onboard memory for downloading data.

Paired with an OceanSonics icListen digital hydrophone, the gListen board keeps track of events detected by the hydrophone. At the end of each dive, the board reports the detected events via satellite. The board also facilitates near real-time spectrum retrieval.